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CHEZWAWA and TADAO JOIN HANDS --- It's West-Coast meets The Islands

TADAO Poke Bar and CHEZWaWa have joined forces for a unique month-long collaboration to present a fusion of their warm-weather-inspired cuisines.

It's …West-Coast meets The Islands
It's ... Hawaii Five-0 meets The Streets of San Francisco
It's ... Baywatch meets Magnum P.I.
It's ... Macadamia Nuts meet Mission Burritos
Think ... Fusion Poke Bowls & Pokérritos!

WHEN?  From Tuesday 9 March thru Eastertime.  Don't miss out!

WHAT?  The TADAO Poke Burrito (Pokérrito) will be available only at CHEZWaWa-Châtelain (Rue Américaine 91):

  • Served Chilled in a large flour tortilla/wrap (CHEZWaWa-style)
  • Filled with TADAO ingredients =  White Rice; Premium MSC-certified Salmon (marinated raw); Carrots; Cucumber; Mango; Radish; Spring Onions; Furikake and Classic TADAO Sauce (soy, sesame, ginger)
  • Accompanied by a side of Seaweed Crackers with Homemade Guacamole & Salsa Verde
  • Allergens: gluten, fish, soja, sesame. 

During the same period, the CHEZWaWa Cali-Mex Poke Bowl will be available only at TADAO (Rue Francart 14):

  • Served Chilled in a bowl (Tadao-style)
  • Filled with CHEZWaWa ingredients =  Brown Rice; Grilled Freerange Belgian Chicken; Jackfruit Carnitas; Avocado; Black Beans; Seasonal Mild Salsa (Oranges, Leeks, Corn, Shallot & Chili flakes); Cheddar Cheese; Sour Cream; Chipotle-Mayo and Cilantro-Lime-Ranch sauces; Crushed Tortilla Chips
  • Accompanied by a Homemade drink = Mexican Agua Fresca (Agua de Jamaica, hibiscus flower)
  • Allergens: lactose, egg (mayo), mustard (rapeseed oil). 

HOW?  At CHEZWaWa we do not take orders over the phone, nor do we take pre-orders. It's first come, first served while supplies last.
Pick-up to Takeaway on the spot:  You can come to the counter at CHEZWaWa-Châtelain during our Modified Opening Hours and get what you need (max 2 people at a time).
Delivery and Pick-up Services via Uber Eats --> direct link to order CHEZWaWa via Uber Eats here
Delivery and Pick-up Services via Deliveroo --> direct link to order CHEZWaWa via Deliveroo here
To Order from TADAO:  Click HERE for TADAO's Delivery options

Know that CHEZWaWa and TADAO have a lot more in common... Both restaurants share the same values and food-ethos of using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, using locally-sourced products where possible, and privileging farmers and fishermen who adopt sustainability and responsible practices at their core.

And don't forget this is for a limited time only... so why not take this opportunity to transport your tastebuds to both California & Hawaii, while not even leaving Brussels ?!