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Crunchy Yucatan-Chicken Burrito

Our next seasonal Meal of the Month (MoM) has arrived...
It's the medium-spicy CRUNCHY YUCATAN-CHICKEN BURRITO, featuring a Yucatán-style shredded chicken called "Pollo Pibil":

• Pollo Pibil (farm-fresh stewed chicken with achiote-paste, orange, pineapple, onions, jalapeños & other bits of tastiness)
• Brown Rice (with cumin & lemon)
• Black Beans
• Grilled Onions
• Fresh & Medium-Spicy Salsas
• Shredded Lettuce
• Fresh Cilantro
• Crunchy Corn Tortilla shards

This MoM is authentically-delicious, so come taste a piece of the Yucatán in Brussels !