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CHEZWAWA Custom Catering

Looking to add some Cali-Mex Magic to an Event, large or small, at your home or office ?  Soups, Salads, Burritos, Tacos, or a Build-Your-Own Cali-Mex buffet --> We have it all ready to go !
... Check out our 
CHEZWaWa Custom Events & Catering pamphlet by clicking here, and also a list of some Soup, Salad & Dessert examples.
Contact us by phone or email ( to learn more about how we can Spice Up your Event ! 

*** NEW - We've added Mini Mexican-Tortas (sandwiches) to our Custom Catering options - Click here for more about our Mini Mexican-Tortas!  ***

Thinking about a Private Party at our restaurants for a special occasion (birthday, anniversary etc) ?  Write us an email on and we'll give you a call to start the discussion.

We are flexible and have plenty of ideas and experience/success to share with you in planning your awesome event.
... And don't believe just us, here are some actual Catering-Customer Testimonials & Feedback :) : 

  • "Our lunch was a hit.  Everyone loved it.  Thank you so much.  We definitely want you for future other meetings." - D.C. (from a large Embassy/Mission for a lunch meeting)
  • "People very much enjoyed the food yesterday, thanks for everything!" - G.G.V. (from a European students union for a vegetarian sharing-plates dinner)
  • "Thank you for such a smooth and overall lovely organization!  My guests were delighted with the food and the atmosphere at CHEZWaWa: thank you very much for making this possible. Your staff, who were always on hand to help/recommend, deserve a special thank you too." - Y.V. (for a private party of 15 people in the restaurant) 
  • "Everything went great.  People loved the tacos and all the sides, including the brownies.  Easy for everyone to make their own and customize as they see fit.  And warming up the tortillas was easy enough." - D.V. (Build-Your-Own-Tacos for an office team lunch)
  • "The food was great, many thanks. The colleagues found it a great initiative and we will certainly renew the experience in the future!" - J.V. (from an international real-estate company; Build-Your-Own-Tacos for their monthly after-work staff cocktail)
  • "Tout le monde a énormément apprécié les tacos (nous avons été applaudi !!!). C’était excellent !!! " - C.V. (from a large multinational company for a team lunch)
  • "Thanks a lot for your great catering service. People really enjoyed it a lot :) " - R.D. (from an international legal firm for a staff holiday party)
  • "The food was amazing, the desserts were amazing, the delivery person was very helpful and polite. Thank you for everything!" - B.D. (from an international expats club for catering at an annual event)
  • "Many thanks again for your friendly help yesterday! I just want to tell you that the salads were very much appreciated and that we'll certainly order again!" - S.D. (the office manager of an NGO ordering 25 vegan salads for their monthly board meeting)
  • "Lunch today was great, people couldn’t stop talking about how good the soup was, and they loved the torta mini-sandwiches."  - C.G. (the office manager of a philanthropic organization ordering vegetarian tortas with tortilla soup for a lunchtime meeting)