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Cheesy-Chocolate Pork Mole Burrito

The Burrito-Beast has returned to Brussels for the Autumn ...
It's our latest Meal of the Month (MoM) ==> "Cheesy-Chocolate" Pork Mole Burrito with Guacamole  !!

This one's just too lip-smackin' tasty so don't let it get away without a try:
• Free-Range Smoked Pork Bacon in Spicy Mole Sauce (chocolate/nut mole with hominy & pineapple)
• White Rice (coriander-lime)
• Pinto Beans (bacon & onions)
• Mild Salsa (sour cream, leeks, corn, feta & jalapenos)
• Homemade Guacamole
• Sour Cream and Shredded Lettuce
• Our homemade Cheese-Sauce and Crushed Tortilla-Chips