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Summer Seasonal Pico de Gallo

Along with the nice weather and terrace dining, our Summer Salsas are back !!

For our summertime Pico de Gallo, we need LOTS of fresh & juicy TOMATOES - so we are very happy to start a new partnership with BIGH-Ferme Abattoir = an aquaponics urban farm on the rooftops of the historical Abattoir site in AnderlechtThis is really zero-kilometers sustainable eating !

Fresh-not-Spicy salsa = PICO DE GALLO (fresh local tomatoes from BIGH and/or Biofresh, red onions, cilantro, spring onions, lime juice and spices)

And also try our Seasonal Mild-Spicy salsa = Leeks, Sour Cream, Corn, Feta and a bit of jalapeños :)

A small bit of Cali-Mex Summer is awaiting your taste buds...
#RespectSeasonality, #FarmToCounter, #EatLocal and #SimpleMakesPerfect are all parts of our credo, so come get them while the summer growing season is ON !