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Welcome to Ginette Belgian Organic Beers

Always looking to provide something new and extra-ordinary to the CHEZWaWa family, we are thrilled to introduce our customers to Ginette Belgian Organic Beers which pair wonderfully with our #HealthyDecadence, #FarmtoCounter and all the other GoodFoodResto credos.

Ginette was born from a beautiful relationship between 4 Belgian friends with a passion for nature and ecology, starting a brewery in Walloon-Brabant using exclusively ingredients deriving from biological agriculture.  We have chosen two special beers to add to our range...

  • Ginette Natural White is a Blanche with 5% alc/vol and a nice head which is naturally white but not excessively...
  • Ginette Natural Fruit is a fruity lady made out of raspberry, blackcurrant, blueberry and elderberry juice.  At 4% alc/vol, she is light, slightly sweet (but not too much) and would almost make you forget that she is indeed a beer ;)