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Your 2016/7 Favorite Meals of the

Can you believe we have already had 12 Meals of the Months (MoMs) at CHEZWaWa ??!!

Your voice has been heard... We gave you a chance to VOTE for your FAVORITE MEAL OF THE MONTH (MoM) via a Survey, and by casting your vote you could also enter our drawing for a free Cali-Mex Sunday Brunch for two people in 2018 !

We are happy to announce that:

- Your voted (favorite) MoM was a virtual TIE between our Fish Tacos, Veracruz Style and our Ancho-Lime Shrimp Tacos !!  So BOTH of these most voted (favorite) MoMs will be "revived" in the first part of 2018 by popular demand :)

- Our Drawing Winner of a free Cali-Mex Sunday Brunch for two people is Morgane B., congratulations !!