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Welcome to TIPSY TRIBE!

Always looking to provide something new and extra-ordinary to the CHEZWaWa family, we are thrilled to introduce our customers to TIPSY TRIBE craft beers which simply taste GREAT with our flavorful California-style Mexican food !

Founded by an American-Turkish duo, Tipsy Tribe is Brussels' first ‘brewstillery’ with beers and spirits produced only a few km away in Brussels’ Koekelberg commune.  Tipsy Tribe is also part of the GoodFood label and, like CHEZWaWa, strives to place sustainability at its core with initiatives like prioritizing locally-sourced ingredients and giving its spent grain to local farmers as fertilizer.

We've chosen 'Chaotique', their 6% American-style IPA, as the first of their beers to offer in both our restaurants ► The combination of American hops and a hyper-fruity yeast strain creates a true marvel of an IPA that pairs extremely well with spicy foods.  Take your tastebuds for a ride on the Chaotique rollercoaster !

And we've now added 'Bodacious', their 4% dry-hopped sour beer with the added badassery of distilled limon & lemon zests ► This Berliner Weisse style beer is both light and delicate, and pairs well with both citrus and cilantro on the palate !

*** Tipsy Tribe beers are available with a 2-for-1 special at our monthly Game Nights @ Chatelain ! ***