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Re-usable Tiffins for Take-Away

CHEZWaWa is proud to join the Tiffin Project in the 'Brussels Year of Zero Waste' as declared by Bruxelles Environnement !

You can now purchase your personal Re-Usable Tiffin for €25 ... and then receive a lifetime of benefits for the environment and for your wallet => 
A 5% reduction 
on all your future Take-Away Naked Burritos, Salads & Tacos by using and re-using your Tiffin to avoid packaging-waste at CHEZWaWa and also at other participating restaurants.

Come in to ask more information and to purchase your Tiffin...
Join the fight and make your one-time investment to achieve Zero Waste !

BX1 Newstory 2 May 2018 --> Click here... CHEZWaWa is alongside Tiffin in the goal of Zero Waste in Brussels !!