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Ocho Reales returns to the Family

We are very pleased to welcome back some excellent Mexican Craft Beers to CHEZWaWa-Châtelain....  OCHO REALES direct from Monterrey in Northeast Mexico!

Ocho Reales is Mexico's largest independent craft brewery, using only the finest ingredients to make the most distinctive styles of beer - which are all Gluten-Free.

We have chosen to offer a few clear and crisp beers from their range - the Lager Clara which has a 4.6% alcohol content, the Lager Mexicana which at only 4% is ideal for summertime sipping, and the Helles which has a 4.8% alcohol content.  All beers have a golden color, and are elaborated with only four ingredients:

  • Malts (mix of pale and caramel malts),
  • Water,
  • their own Lager Yeast,
  • and a distinctive mix of Hops varieties giving a medium/low bitterness degree with a fine and intense scent and subtle flavors.

Tired of the 'Same-Old"?... Try something Special with Ocho Reales and our selection of Real Craft Beers from 'the Other Side of The Wall' :0