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Ocho Reales returns to the Family

We are very pleased to welcome back some excellent Mexican Craft Beers to CHEZWaWa....  OCHO REALES direct from Monterrey in Northeast Mexico!

Ocho Reales is Mexico's largest independent craft brewery, using only the finest ingredients to make the most distinctive styles of beer - which are all Gluten-Free.

We have chosen to offer a few clear and crisp beers from their range - the Lager Clara which has a 4.6% alcohol content, and the Helles which has a 4.8% alcohol content.  Both beers have a golden color, and are elaborated with only four ingredients:

  • Malts (mix of pale and caramel malts),
  • Water,
  • their own Lager Yeast,
  • and a distinctive mix of Hops varieties giving a medium/low bitterness degree with a fine and intense scent and subtle flavors.

Tired of the 'Same-Old"?... Try something Special with Ocho Reales and our selection of Real Craft Beers from 'the Other Side of The Wall' :0