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Simply the Best (Corn Tortillas)

In partnership with Komali in Germany, we are very happy to introduce new Soft Yellow-Corn Tortillas which are some of the best made in Europe from nixtamilized and ground Mexican corn of the highest quality without added preservatives.  The nixtamalization process significantly enriches the nutritional value of maize as a source of vitamins, minerals (calcium) and protein.

Komali tortillas are produced in Europe (so their food-miles are lower) ... are made from only 3 ingredients (essentially 'only what is needed' = corn flour, water & salt - and traces of calcium hydroxide from the nixtamalization process) ... and like all our previous corn tortillas, these are 100% Gluten-free, Vegan and GMO-free !

With brown toast marks and a specific corn taste, these are just like the traditional tortillas served in Mexican street markets, so we are sure you are going to love their sturdy structure and authentic flavour.  They're Simply the Best !

And by the way, the Komali Corn Tortillas (packs of 20 tortillas) are also part of the Pequeña Tienda at CHEZWaWa-Châtelain for those hard-to-find quality Mexican items such as (real) Mexican & American hot sauces, and (no preservatives) refried pinto & black beans + other interesting products too like canned jalapenos, chipotles in adobo, tomatillos and more!