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Mexican Pizza now @ Châtelain

NEW @ Châtelain ⇒ MEXICAN 'PIZZA' joins our American Comfort Food menu !

An old-school fan-favorite in the U.S.► it's a hybrid between a quesadilla and an Italian 'pizza' - made with two crisped flour tortillas layered with refried beans, our delicious Beef Barbacoa or Spiced Tofu and two types of cheeses - plus tomato sauce, Mexican seasonings, fresh cilantro and our two flavorful sauces (Cilantro-Lime Ranch and Chipotle Mayo).  Approximately 25cm round with 6 slices – enough for two appetites or one very hungry one :)

At Châtelain only - for dine-in, or delivery with our UberEats and Deliveroo ...
Try it now !