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Give Cali-Mex Magic for the Holidays !

"This Christmas, all we want are Burritos !!" ...
Does that sound like something a loved-one on your Holiday Gift List would say??

If so, consider Spicing-Up your Holiday Gift Giving with these unique and creative gift ideas available @CHEZWaWa-Châtelain:

CHEZWaWa Gift Certificates - We sell CHEZWaWa Gift Certificates (cheque-cadeau) from 25 Euros up to any amount of Cali-Mex Magic you desire :)

CHEZWaWa Shirts & Caps - You & your mates can look uber-cool in our Crew Gear (shirts €29,50 & caps €25,50).  Shirt sizes available S, M, L.

Come visit us @CHEZWaWa-Châtelain to purchase any of these items, we're open thru December 19th for last-minute gift opportunities. 

So GO GO GO for some HO HO HO !