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Dia de los Muertos marked 30-31 Oct & 2 Nov @Châtelain

The Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a multi-day holiday coinciding with the Halloween and All-Saints period to remember and celebrate friends & family members who have passed to the other world.  Relatives help support their spiritual journey by building private altars honoring the deceased using alfeñiques (sugar paste skulls), marigolds, and their favorite foods and beverages. 

At CHEZWaWa- Châtelain (rue Américaine): 

--> We will be marking Dia de los Muertos at Châtelain on Saturday 30 October (12h-14h30 & 17h30-21h30), Halloween Sunday 31 October (17h30-21h00), and Tuesday 2 November (12h-14h30 & 17h30-21h00) with a FREE HOMEMADE "SWEET-TREAT" (small dessert) for all customers while supplies last !
--> We will be CLOSED on Monday 1 November.
--> We will be OPEN in the evening of Thursday 11 November 17h30-21h00 (Armestice holiday).

At CHEZWaWa- Royal (rue de la Presse): 

--> We will be CLOSED for the school holiday week 1 November thru 5 November !
--> We will be OPEN on 8-10 November, and then CLOSED on 11-12 November for the Armestice holiday.