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A few Changes to Opening Hours

From the 29th of October, we're making a few changes to our Opening Hours for the Winter Period...

CHEZWaWa-Royal (Rue de la Presse):
Our new Opening Times at Royal from 29th October will be:
- Mondays thru Fridays 11h45 to 14h30.

CHEZWaWa-Châtelain (Rue Américaine):
On Fridays and Saturdays we'll be closing a bit earlier (at 22h00 instead of 22h30)...
Here's a complete list of our new Opening Times at Châtelain from 29th October (excluding holidays and special occasions) :
- Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat :  12h00 to 22h00
- Sun* and Tue :  17h30 to 21h30

* And we are also open on some Sundays at Châtelain for our Cali-Mex Sunday Brunch service !