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Bievenidos a Cerveceria de Colima !

We are happy to welcome back a collection of Mexico's excellent craft beers to the CHEZWaWa family... 
Demos la bienvenida to CERVECERIA DE COLIMA from El Trapiche on Mexico's volcanic Western Coast, an independent craft brewery born in 2014 !

We have started with an offer of two of their classic Craft Beers:

  • Colimita Lager is the original motivation and raison d'être of Cervecería de Colima.  It is the tropical representation of a German lager with a golden, bright and crystalline appearance, and fine white foam. Medium body with a 4.2% ABV, Colimita Lager leaves a slight bitter note on the palate with floral flavors from hops which perfectly balances the Pilsner malts.
  • Piedra Lisa (Session IPA) takes its name from a local legend - a gigantic volcanic rock where if visitors slip, they’re destined to come back to Colima.  This Session IPA is a refreshing experience with a moderate alcohol content (4.7%) that allows you to live and relive its welcoming, hoppy citrus undertones at any time of the day.

We will look to add some of their other excellent brews in the near future - including the Páramo (American-style Pale Ale) and the Rio de Lumbre (West Coast IPA).

We can all support Cervezeria de Colima's sustainability efforts because the consumption of their artisinal beers also contributes to reforestation projects of parota trees, palm trees and primroses in the de Colima Valley and the Pacific Coast region.