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>< >< BALLEKES meets CHEZWAWa >< >< Belgo:Mex Fusion Menu

BALLEKES meets CHEZWaWa, and it's love at first sight for both restaurants...

We are now BBFs (BURRITO+BALLEKES Best Friends) and nothing can beat that.
Think … Jean Claude Van Damme meets Speedy Gonzales
Think … Juicy Meatballs with Lapin Sauce & Frites rolled inside a Burrito
Think … Cheesy Enchiladas-Suizas with Meatballs & Endive

Think  Daring to dip your Kroket balls into Guacamole and Salsa Verde.
Voilà & ¡Ay, caramba!  The friendly Collaboration of two local restaurants has made Belgo:Mex Fusion a reality :)

WHEN?  10 Days only - From Tuesday 8 December thru Friday 18 December
Don't miss out!!

HOW?  We do not take orders over the phone, nor do we take pre-orders. 
First come, first served while supplies last!
Pick-up to Takeaway on the spot:  You can come to the counter at CHEZWaWa-Châtelain during our Modified Opening Hours and get what you need (max 2 people at a time).
Delivery and Pick-up Services via Uber Eats --> direct link to order via Uber Eats here
Delivery and Pick-up Services via Deliveroo --> direct link to order via Deliveroo here

WHAT?  Well, here's the full Belgo:Mex Fusion Menu (BALLEKES for CHEWaWa) which is available at CHEZWaWa-Châtelain (Rue Américaine 91) only:

  • BALLEKES Burrito with Pork+Beef Meatballs in Lapin Sauce (apple, dates & pear sirop with onions & raisins), a few Frites, Brown Rice, Black Beans, Mild Salsa (oranges, leeks, corn), Shredded Lettuce, Fresh Cilantro and Spicy Cranberry-Cilantro Sauce 
  • BALLEKES Meatball & Endive Enchiladas Suizas (two rolled corn tortillas with pork+beef meatballs, belgian endive/chicon, salsa verde, and loads of cream and cheese)
  • BALLEKES California Chicken Chili con Mini Meatballs (with beans, olives, onions and other goodies)
  • Belgo:Mex Entrée for Two (6 Brugge Cheese Kroket balls with Tortilla Chips, Guacamole and Salsa Verde)
  • Kit to make a BALLEKES Michelada Beer Cocktail at home (Tomato & Lime juice base + Spice Mix & Lime for Rim + a bottle of Ballekes x Bertinchamps Blond lager beer)

During the same period a somewhat different menu (CHEZWaWa for BALLEKES) is also available at BALLEKES for takeaway and delivery.

Don't forget this is for a limited time only... so run like Speedy Gonzales and try something new and different => Belgo:Mex Fusion for the Holidays!