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August Vacation Period

The Summer Vacation Period is upon us... We'll be OPEN most of the time, but here's the low-down on when we'll be taking our Short Breaks...


CHEZWaWa-Royal (Rue de la Presse):

  • CHEZWaWa-Royal will be CLOSED from the 15th through the 19th of August
  • We will be OPEN from Tuesday 20th August as usual for the rest of the month (see our normal Opening Hours).

CHEZWaWa-Châtelain (Rue Américaine):

  • From August 13th through 28th, CHEZWaWa-Châtelain will be OPEN in the EVENINGS ONLY (from 17h30) except for Saturdays...
  • On Saturdays 17 & 24 August, CHEZWaWa-Châtelain will be OPEN ALL-DAY from 12h00 to 22h00.
  • We will be open on Thursday 15 August from 17h30 to 21h30.
  • CHEZWaWa-Châtelain will be CLOSED on Sunday 18 August & on Mondays !
  • We will be back to our normal hours from Thursday 29th August (see our normal Opening Hours)