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It's our Birthday: Let's Celebrate 7 Years of MEX'CELLENCE in Brussels!

Hard to believe - but 7 years ago on April 1st (no joke!) CHEZWaWa opened its doors to a Brussels hungry for real California-style Mexican cuisine :)

To mark our 7 years of meX’cellence and to thank our community of fans & followers, we’ll be celebrating our 7th-birthday the entire month of April - with a weekly €7 Birthday Deal coming out every Sunday and available for Dine-in or Takeaway at CHEZWaWa-Chatelain only...

So here's the super €7 Birthday Deals which will be available for dine-in and takeaway at Rue Américaine 91: 

  • April 2nd thru 8th = our new GOURMET MACARONI & CHEESE for only €7 including four toppings/mix-in's
  • April 9th thru 15th = our new CHEESY BEEF TAMALE PIE for only €7
  • April 16th thru 22nd = a BURRITO PEQUEÑO starting at only €7 (roll-your-own-way, not including any extras)
  • April 23rd thru 29th = TWO TACOS starting at only €7 (roll-your-own-way, not including any extras)

Come visit us to eat something different for only €7 every week in April and celebrate our 7 Year Birthday!